Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Horse Called Comey

By Bob Ferris

The philosophical-consistency police are having a field day on the Comey situation (see above).  Apparently it is inconceivable to them that Democrats who wanted to fire or punish FBI Director Comey for his meddling in the 2016 Election can now be angry that he was fired.  Rather than go into a tirade about Trump’s campaign promises versus his actions, let’s look at a hypothetical.

Let’s say you live in the country and your only transportation is a horse.  But your horse bites and often tries to brush you off on trees and rocks.  After a particularly bad smack into a tree, you curse the horse and decide the sell it.  You ask the neighbors who might have a horse to sell.  They are unaware of horses for sale and it is really not the right season to buy a new horse.  So the need comes up for you to ride into town and you climb upon your horse, because it is all you have and you need it then.  Your sentiments about your horse have not changed.

In the night someone steals your horse.  Your neighbor finds you jumping up and down yelling.  He asks you what is wrong and you tell him about your missing horse.  He counters that your response is illogical as you hated the horse and should be glad that it is gone.  You explain to him that he clearly misses the point as right now you have to get into town for an emergency.  James Comey is that horse.

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