Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Built a Wall Today

By Bob Ferris

As an example to the President, I built a wall today.  My wall was erected to stop a foreign threat from causing damage.  In this case the alien peril was the eastern fox squirrels that were eating my wife’s carefully planted tulip bulbs.  I built the wall out of grape canes and willow twigs that would have been composted.  Pretty simple.  This was a real wall that solved a real problem.

This is not a wall erected because of manufactured hate.  This is not a wall that will cause my country to be a global embarrassment.  This wall will not encourage these squirrels to retaliate by chewing through my internet cable or attacking me while I am gardening.

This wall will also not stop endangered species from migrating. This is not a wall that cost money either through its construction or via losses in future revenues from boycotts or reductions in tourism revenues because no one wants to visit a country run by bigots.  The wall will also not act as a catalyst to war.

It is a wall that will lead both to beauty and healthy co-existence.  Perhaps this should be a model for other walls that might be built or not.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo, Bob! May your wall protect the tulips. And may it serve as a reminder that walls needn't waste billions of dollars.