Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Bundy Population Problem

By Bob Ferris
"We want to be able to make a living on the land," Macfarlane said. "We don't want our kids to have to go to the Wasatch Front or some urban area to have a lifestyle completely different than we were blessed enough to give them the opportunity to have."  Attorney Todd Macfarlane in After Finicum funeral, Cliven Bundy encourages more Utah ranchers to tear up grazing permits 
While I have sympathy for the ranchers' plight, very few in America are able to follow their parents' career pathway and it is certainly not a right.  Moreover, as we can see below what ranchers, like Cliven, really need to do (if this is their dream) is not tear up grazing contracts but tear open condom packages.

It is clearly a problem of their own making and we should not have to pay for the consequences of their irresponsible reproductive behavior.  Nor should the federal government be blamed for their excesses.  Given all this, the attacks on Planned Parenthood by US Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah become even more surreal (1,2) and the mailed marital aids to those at Malheur all the more appropriate.

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