Monday, January 25, 2016

The Bundy Gangs Pitiful Eight

By Bob Ferris

Guilt by association in often a dangerous thing.  But if you look around yourself and see way more rap sheets than diplomas, things should click in your mind about who you are and who you count as associates.  This is particularly true when you are doing something wickedly illegal and acting like you bought and paid for the moral high ground.

In addition, you should look around and see who is not there.  And that in this situation that would be the big mouths and small minds who egged you onto to your “noble” action.  Where, for instance, is Glenn Beck who resurrected the faulty theories of W. Cleon Skousen, because he likely needed to replace his drug and alcohol addictions with a philosophical one?  Where too are sedition cheerleaders such as Zeldon Nelson (1,2,3), KrisAnne Hall and Michele Fiore?  And why was even your own father, Cliven, smart enough to stay away from this and the crew you assembled from his stand-off?

But enough of this, let’s play Cowboyz and Crimes!  All you have to do is match the letters associated with the participants in the standoff with the number or numbers of the crimes of which they have been accused or convicted. It’s and easy.  (Answers at the bottom).

In the above I identified these participants as "cowboyz" purposely, because in spite of all the fancy hats, the vast majority of them do not earn the major part of their income from cattle or sheep.  I did this also because although I believe that the Bureau of Land Management needs to take better care of those federal lands exposed to public lands grazing and there are some less than responsible public lands grazers out there, even the bad actors among this group do not deserve to be tainted by association with these bullies, thugs and reprobates. Outlaws, certainly, but not patriots or heroes.


ANSWERS: 1. E;  2. C;  3. All of the Above (Trick Question); 4. G; 5. H; 6. F; 7. A; 8. D.

PERSON KEY A; Ryan Bundy; B. Ammon Bundy; C. Blaine Cooper (AKA Stanley Blaine Hicks); D. Adrian Sewell; E. Kenneth W Medenbach; F. Brian Cavalier (AKA Booda Bear or Fluffy Unicorn); G. Pete Santilli; and H. Neil Sigurd Wampler.

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  1. If you don't think gubmint has sovereignty, you don't foller its silly little laws. You follow your religion, wait. Ummm... you do whatever the hell you want or your temper allows you to do at the moment. That's it.

    And I can wear a cowboy hat and enormous belt buckle if I want to! Gawd said so.