Saturday, September 19, 2015

All Candidates and Elected Officials Should Come Out Slugging but Always, Always Defend the Truth

By Bob Ferris

I think a lot of the nation is watching the below clip where a man in the audience of one of Donald Trump’s rallies said some ugly things about Muslims and in the same hate-filled diatribe said that the President was a Muslim.  Donald Trump did nothing to correct the gentleman and got called on it. He had two basic responses.

The first was that he was not morally obligated to correct this gentleman’s misinformation .  And the second response was that he doubted that President Obama would do it for him if someone said something untrue and nasty about him.  On both points I think that he is dead wrong, but let’s return to his first defense.

Moral people defend the truth—often at great costs.  That is what makes them moral.  Mr. Trump tries to make this about saying bad things about people, but it is not about meanness or hatred it is about truth.  When you hear an obvious lie, you stop and correct it.  That is what true leaders do.

When John Kerry was attacked by the infamous Swift Boaters, John McCain stood up and condemned this action as he did when someone said Obama was an Arab (see above video).  He was not defending John Kerry or Obama per se but rather the truth as he saw it.  He didn’t have to do it, but he did.  Likewise when Barney Frank was confronted at Town Hall meeting by a woman comparing Obama to Hitler he did not let it slide, but rather corrected the woman (see below).

The Senator and Congressman took these actions to defend the truth as they should and we should expect.  For if the candidates follow what we just saw on television during the debates (1,2,3) or if Congress continues to take actions and express outrage over gross misrepresentations (1,2,3) or faked tapes (1,2,3) what will we think of them or the world of us?

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