Monday, May 25, 2015

III%er Rant

By Bob Ferris

I am just plain troubled by the III Percenters (AKA 3 Percenters or Three Percenters) and offended by their tragically ironic self-identification with the three percent of colonials(1) who fought in and won the American Revolution. My sense is that they need to crack open a history book and understand that those in the Continental Army or associated militias (i.e., the three percent prototype they seem to aspire to be) were: 1) actually more than three percent of the population, 2) supported by 40-45 percent of the colonial population, and 3) guided by principles constructed and expressed by the best and the brightest in the emerging country who often acted at great personal risk and sacrifice.

The modern III Percenters share none of the above characteristics relating to numbers, level of public support, and quality of guiding principles.  In point of fact they more closely resemble the Tories who wanted to block the formation of this country (see video of founder below at Bundy standoff).

Moreover, the III Percenters fail to realize that their unquestioning acceptance of faulty rhetoric in the absence of intellectual curiosity weakens our nation in a most unpatriotic way (see preface of "The Patriot's Toolbox" issued by the Koch brothers-funded Heartland Institute for example of unsupported rhetoric).   How in any logical construct could blind obedience and anti-intellectualism (and, no, a degree from the School of Hard Knocks does not count as higher education) be considered as national assets in a free and democratic nation?

I am sure that those who are associated with this group, the Oath Keepers or similar groups see themselves as "patriots" in much the same way that Tom Cruise thought he was the best person to play writer Lee Child's iconic, 6'5" character Jack Reacher.  Unfortunately, Mr. Cruise came up way short and so do these extremists when compared with those who fought and died so that they could have the freedoms they enjoy today.

 (1)This percentage is actually inaccurate.


  1. Hello Bob, before I begin let me just say that I value everyone's opinion, in my experience (US Marines) opinions of my fellow Marines were detrimental to my leading them, so here goes. I am a 3 percenter, I cherish the Constitution and believe in keeping my oath to service even after my honorable discharge from my beloved Corps. I am also a fairly intelligent man, you have stated that, and I quote, "III Percenters fail to realize that their unquestioning acceptance to faulty rhetoric in the absence of intellectual curiosity weakens our nation in a most unpatriotic way" now I'd like to believe, as an author of a piece on the 3's, you went to organizations such as the Oath Keepers or interview any 3 percenter, but it seems to me you've only watched video and read up on us via internet, correct me if I'm wrong by all means, but your statements, though to some may be true, for most are inaccurate on their own. American Patriotism when it comes the 3%ers is different than most people would think, the Constitution comes first in their minds, for us that served or still serving our oath to protect the Constitution and the People is very important, now to say we unquestionably accept these forms of rhetoric without intellectual curiosity would be an opinion of someone who couldn't possibly fathom what it is to truly take something meant for the greater good of our country, or should I say We The People, to heart and love a country and it's foremost beliefs which was written down by our forefathers so much to the point of almost daily frustration with the many plagues our Nation has fallen ill of. The 3%ers are not blind, they're not deaf, and they're most of all not dumb. What our purpose comes down to is simple, to be there to defend that sacred piece of paper and the rights and freedoms it grants us against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now enough of my rant, I look forward to a possible reply and healthy discussion with on this topic, I appreciate you ready my comment and if you don't then well power to the press and all that.

    Connor Modena

  2. Dear Connor, I suspect that you do view yourself as a fairly intelligent person, but you've hooked your wagon to a group that repeatedly misunderstands or misrepresents element of the US Constitution. And I have talked to folks both in the III%ers and the Oath Keepers and their comprehension of our founding principles is faulty as I have said. I think you probably cherish the US Constitution as you suggest but I suspect that embrace is influenced by what you have been told about the US Constitution rather than what you know directly or understand about it. The "We the People" phase was coined by my great-great-etc. uncle Gouverneur Morris who wrote the Preamble of the US Constitution in response to the States trying take control of the Country. This recent problem at Malheur is a good example of the disconnect with the 3s and Oathkeepers. Many take the Enclave Clause and apply it incorrectly to situations like Malheur and ignore the more senior Property Clause and they do this while clinging to an annotated pocket constitution written by a religious fanatic. My sense is that if you take an oath to protect the US Constitution you ought to read it.

  3. And Connor. I would suggest that you also check out: which talks about what was legally wrong with the petition of the folks at Malheur endorsed by the local III%ers and the Oathkeepers.