Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Becoming the "Big Stick" We All Need

By Bob Ferris

I am thinking this morning about movies where crooks throw meat to guard dogs so they can loot a supposedly secure facility.  This scenario reminds me of what we are seeing with US voters (i.e., the guard dogs) and the well-oiled and deceptive collection of political and public relations machines (i.e., the crooks) that are tossing out visceral fears (i.e., the meat) so that many will not see what the people behind these campaigns really want (e.g., money, resources, power, etc.) nor sense the negative consequences of the consumption of the steak (e.g., climate change, collapsed infrastructure, ruined economy, polluted water, compromised education systems, etc.).  In the above clip from Myth Busters the scenario seems humorous and inconsequential, but in real life not so much.

I have written much about the main players in this expending millions to confuse and distract the public (1,2,3,4) while they themselves are walking away with billions or getting the meat-distracted public to accept poisoned waters, air and children as necessary costs of progress.  I cannot help but think that they thank their lucky stars each day that the American public is so easily distracted by gay rights, gun control, and religious freedom and so bereft of leadership in the Theodore Roosevelt mold (see below video) that understand the dynamic balances between economic activity, environmental resiliency and social welfare as well as the value of a US run by people rather than corporate puppeteers.


Unfortunately for all of us there are no "Roosevelts" on the horizon nor does the current political landscape—wholly manufactured by the forces needing correction and curbing—allow elbow room for the swinging of a “big stick.”  So it is left to us to dance around this silly collection of artificial political parties and movements peopled by clowns (1,2), court jesters, and actors.  We have to become the “big stick.”  And my sense is that we do that by becoming our own media.

Now I know that many of you will say that you are already doing that each and every day.  And while I know that to be true I would ask that you take that effort to the next level.  If you normally “like” something on Facebook then “share” it and also comment on the post to drive it into the information main stream.

If you are already sharing something then take that to the next level by also positing it on Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit.  Share it too on Twitter and also hashtag the crap out of your posts.  Seem like too much work?  If you think that then we risk further losing our democracy to folks with multiple identities on thumb drives walking away with what we all should value most.

Please be part of the effort to take back our country and regain control of our governing bodies. Get into the habit of blasting two or three posts around the web each day.  Do it while you are waiting for the coffee to brew or while you are waiting for the bathroom.  It terms of good places to start, here are some posts that deserve to be shared around and around as well as again and again.

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