Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Continuing Climate Change Snow Job by Senator Inhofe

By Bob Ferris

There has always been a lingering question in my mind as to whether Senator James Inhofe was just intellectually impaired or monumentally disingenuous.  After watching the below snow ball bit I am not sure that I even care anymore, because this is clear evidence (once again) that he has absolutely no business serving in a legislative body that necessarily needs to represent the best of our county rather than our worst.

How can we possibly hold our heads high as a scientist or engaged citizen--let alone be considered world leaders--when someone in a position of power within the highest halls of our government treats established science like it is a joke and people with much higher credentials than his with so little respect?

The snowball stunt was ever so droll, but there are folks in the Pacific Northwest who are looking at bare mountains where they should see snow for exactly the same reason Senator Inhofe was able to make that snowball; very much like the mocking little igloo the Senator's your family built in 2010 /. These people mentioned above (and I am one) find little humor or even anything remotely senatorial in your antics.

While we are disheartened by Senator Inhofe's sophomoric snowball, we are encouraged that Senator Markey and Congressman Grijalva are going to conduct investigations into the funding sources and lack of proper disclosures by Willie Soon, Robert Balling Jr and others at the core of this fossil fuel industry funded denial conspiracy. My hope is that both of them and others expand these investigations to include other players in the denial circus like Senator Inhofe's former employee Marc Morano now with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Of particular interest are the back and forth payments between CFACT and Donors Trust (see 2011, 2012 and 2013 990s)  as well as Donors Trust role in soliciting other funds for Willie Soon ($64,935 in 2012) and prominent climate skeptic organizations such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute ($1.44 million in 2012 see 990).  It is troubling that the Trust's donors provided more than 33% of CFACTs funding in 2012 including three grants in the half million dollar range.   I think there are important stories that need to be told to the American public as to the origin of these monies and why they were donated to these particular groups.

I am anxious to see some of these question answered because there are many in American like the Alaskan village that are already suffering as result of this phenomenon Senator Inhofe fails or refuses to acknowledge.

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