Friday, July 23, 2010

Three Weeks in B’ham Does Not a Hamster Make

Today marks our third week in Bellingham. We celebrated with a cupcake at Katie's and dinner at Milagro's (yes, I got the order right). This is also the end of my first week at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities. I am feeling more comfortable and am starting to trundle downstairs to talk to folks in the RE Store. They tend to love the store and have a great time shopping there but few understand that it is a part of a larger non-profit that also includes the North Sound Baykeeper, Youth Education, and the Sustainable Living Center. Hopefully, they will soon.

Tomorrow Carlene and I will travel to Birch Bay State Park and hang out with RE Sources' Beach Naturalist Doug Stark and Baykeeper Matt Krogh for the -1.39 tide which should expose a whole lot of sub-tidal beasties and a little vegetation. Twenty five years ago or so I worked as a docent in several coastal parks in California. It will be good to see some old soggy friends and meet some new ones in our new home.

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