Monday, October 26, 2009

Feelings About Bags

My wife took me out to dinner the other night and while we were walking back to the Metro in DC, we decided to do some grocery shopping. And then the panic hit us. We did not have our canvas grocery bags. So what should we do? Should we hop onto the Metro and risk getting back to the market after it closed? Should we just throw caution to the wind and use a couple of store bags? Should we not shop and not have cereal in the morning? In truth, it really did not matter what we decided. The more important fact was that we were thinking about the concequences of our actions. We were considering our potential impact and searching for the best ways to mitigate--not eliminate--our impact. (We eventually ended up shopping for little, getting a single bag and then making a commitment to fully use the bag once it became ours.)
To finish out the evening we decided to watch a DVD from Netflix, but thought that we would also--as our version of a featurette--watch a bit of one of the Bioneers presentations prior to the main feature. And we picked a piece of Annie Leonard's talk . We were gratified that she too talked about the feelings and internal debates associated with being a concious consumer. We felt commonality and urge others to: Think On!

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