Monday, February 20, 2017

Donald Trump and the Irony Curtain

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 By Bob Ferris

I always seemed to get puzzled by things.  Perhaps that is because I puzzle over them.  Yeah, that is it.  Today it is this mysterious Ukrainian peace plan that ended up on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s desk.  First we hear in the New York Times that it was placed there in passing by Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.  But then he told the Washington Post that he did not do that.  He said in both pieces that he was aware of the plan and that is to his credit, sort of.

Now Mr. Cohen’s change of story sounds a little like the sadly shifting story of the memo about rolling out the 100,000 National Guard to help on rounding up illegal immigrants (1,2,3).  Both of these stories are clouded by sources giving interviews that at times resemble the answers from a Magic Eight Ball.  Certainly there will be calls of "fake news" but the memo exists and so does the peace plan.  What we are likely dealing with are sources more than sufficiently marinated in the logical byproduct of hay consumption by bovines.   Is this “fake news” or just bad behavior by sources?  I would have to put the check mark next to the latter.

So here we are with this peace plan...Discussed? Negotiated? Presented? Argued? (you pick) a Ukrainian lawmaker named Andrii Artemenko, Russian-born businessman Felix Sater,  and Mr. Cohen (the latter two American citizens) in a hotel room around the time of the Republican National Convention.  (Hmm…a private citizen conducting talks with a foreign official about a contentious issue of national interest.)  This is troubling in and of itself but also because of the change in the Republican platform regarding the Ukraine that happened about the same time and no one wants to claim as their own (1).  This Russian-friendly language just seemed to appear like magic.  

And how did this document end up on this desk?  Well it certainly did not get there because of someone going off-tour in the White House, because there are no tours at present (1,2).  It was not mailed because it would not have gotten there for quite some time given the scrutiny mailed items receive in the post-Anthrax world.  And with modern day security it likely was not dropped at one of the security gates.  Perhaps it was subterfuge like that infamous Candy-gram for Mongo?  (Yes that was sarcastic, but really?)

So here we are once again with this administration: tired, bone-tired, of this.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a President we could trust and admire rather than one who exaggerates constantly (1,2,3,4,5,6, 7) or makes up events (1) and embarrasses us overseas (see above video)?  Wouldn’t it be nice too if the White House Communication’s staff felt obligated to inform the American public rather than actively work to confuse us all by making stuff up, telling outright lies and whining like babies?

We are now protected by what feels like an irony curtain that costs us so much more on so many fronts each day, but affords us little in the way of protection or feeling secure. In fact, it causes us to feel less protected and secure.  It provides us as much real shelter as Mr. Trump's steps shield him from conflicts of interest with his businesses.

Perhaps for this President so often on the fairway (1) we have to express this differently.  So how is this?  With each stroke our President takes at this giant game of world politics our country’s handicap increases because of his obvious whiffs and shots out-of-bounds.  Perhaps it is simply time for this President to pick up his ball and move on to the next hole or leave the course all-together. With an approval rating twenty-one percent below average, it is clear that most of the country would be grateful if the President would simply pack up his clubs.   Maybe he can find happiness in the presidential equivalent of the 19th hole, because he is probably a lot more familiar with that location than he is with the 19th Amendment or any of those other troubling amendments or clauses of the US Constitution.

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