Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Just Happened to the US

By Bob Ferris

I am tired, angry and disappointed.  But I also wanted to get something out this morning by way of analysis and a catalyst for thinking.

First, we now have a president who most of us did not elect and who will be placed in office instead of a woman who got more votes.  Not a lot more, but one has to also consider the stream she was swimming against and the hurdles set for her.  Part of me wants to add the "not-a-perfect-candidate" caveat, but I realize that even that response is likely a product of what we have been programmed to think in this awful, awful election.

I do not really feel like writing today, but I think it is important to look at what contributed to this result.  A Trump presidency is a symptom rather than a root cause and we have to look at the systematic failures in order to solve this problem.  Unfortunately, most of our normal tools and avenues are lost and our last remaining bulwark is in jeopardy as the process starts in terms of the Supreme Court.

Below is my quick, back-of-the-envelope listing of problems we need to address.  Certainly others will add to this list or criticize some of my selections, but if we figure out solutions to these issues we might be able to put the "progress train" back on the tracks it was derailed from so forcefully.

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