Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Am Down in the Drumpfs Today

By Bob Ferris

I am trying hard to reconcile my thoughts this morning.  But no matter how many cups of coffee I consume, they will not coalesce.  Sad.  I begin to wonder if one can die of second-hand cognitive dissonance.   My exposure was limited because I cannot watch too much of the Republican National Convention, but I am concerned for my health.

Let’s start with the easy stuff.  How can a thrice-married philanderer suddenly become of a “family values” candidate?  How too can someone who has ducked taxation so much that he should have a permanent stoop and was mentioned so often in the Panama Papers (1,2) that he probably qualifies to have his own section get characterized as one contributing to America’s greatness?  Add to this three generations of humpty-drumpfy Trumps who have conveniently managed to avoid military service both here and in their native Germany.  And the list goes on and on.  In fact, the trumpet blowing cautionary notes on this candidacy has been blown so many times that it is now considered white noise and the trumpeter can no longer keep up.

So we are now at the Convention which is essentially a stew pot filled with America’s chaff and malcontents liberally seasoned with hypocrisy and irony.  Should we be surprised in this that Mrs. Trump (the Third) plagiarized Michelle Obama in her speech?  Or that the Convention—whose platform is decidedly unfriendly to the LGBT community (1,2) as well as those from the Middle East—would use the British band Queen’s iconic anthem “We are the Champions” written by Freddie Mercury (1,2) who was born Farrokh Bulsara and was a homosexual of Parsi or Persian descent?  Should we also be astonished that both were used without permission or remuneration given Mr. Trump’s history of walking away from business debts (1,2) , bullying neighbors (1,2,3), and shafting contractors (see below video)?

One of the saddest parts of this whole affair is that this so bad and so egregious that it is not even enjoyable to look for a subtle faux pas or two to make fun of Trump because the landscape is so littered with them.  The whole affair is a literal tsunami of silliness from the sanctimonious "prophets" of wealth and greed anointing this eye-of-a-needle jamming trophy capitalist in Christ’s name to an immigrant-owned news network re-defining American morals and compromising our body politic while wrestling far too slowly with what to do with a key executive accused of skirt-chasing and sexual harassment (1,2).

You cannot make this stuff up.  As a consequence one runs the risk that if they look at this in any great detail of being buried alive by an avalanche of adjectives each fighting with the other.  And I have not even thought about the comments made by Trump’s “Art of the Deal” co-author (1,2).

Enough.  I need to stop.  I am poisoned by all of this and disappointed that there are those in this country who see hate as preferable to love, ignorance better than enlightenment, and falsehood more desirable than truth, particularly when it supports what they want and should not ethically have.  The equation here is a simple one: Mr. Trump opts for the former path and I hope that America can pull itself out of this and vote for the latter one.

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