Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pulling on the All Too Familiar and Ugly Threads of the Bundyite Rebellion

By Bob Ferris

A friend of mine on Facebook sent me the following electronic poster for an event in Halfway, Oregon this weekend posted by a page called "Rural Lives Matter."  Because she was concerned as many are in rural Oregon due to this Bundy invasion that continues and continues, I thought that I would check it out.

In several posts I have made statements about the clear origin and consistencies of this movement.  In those I have mentioned Cleon Skousen a fundamentalist Mormon and his organization the Freeman Institute that morphed into the National Center for Constitutional Studies run by Zeldon Nelson, another fundamentalist Mormon, who distributions Skousen's annotated US Constitution.  In these posts I have also mentioned the anti-Constitution crusade run by KrisAnne Hall and her Liberty First Ministry as well as the links to the White Supremacy movement and those who would like to see our country become a theocracy.  Mentioned too are links to the movement to wrest ownership of federal lands from the American public, keep the outlaw militias armed, and do away with cornerstone environmental regulations like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act.  In many ways this becomes a god, guns and gimme sort of affair.  I have followed an event to page to poster to person pathway to look for these common threads.

Here is the starting announcement for the event posted on the Rural Lives Matter page on Facebook.

When we look at those commenting it does not take long before we see KrisAnne Hall's name.  It is interesting that this is supposedly local but there seems a need for RV parking?

You do not have to travel too far down the page to find this post which clearly shows this infamous image of Cleon Skousen's annotated US Constitution.  Mr. Skousen was rumored to be too conservative for membership in the John Birch Society (found ed in part by the Koch brother's father) but was part of their speakers' bureau.  On a side note this is an odd form of messaging as this comes from a small minority, so the "virus" message while extremely apt indicates that they will cause harm to the majority of us.  

Traveling to the "person" page of the fellow who posted the above.  We see first and foremost that he wants everyone to know that he is a Christian.

He would also like everyone to associate him with the Founding Fathers without understanding that Jefferson was a Deist and one has to read his complete letter about the Tree of Liberty to understand that while Benjamin Franklin thought that the participants in Shay's Rebellion were either wicked or ignorant, Jefferson was convinced they were simply ignorant and needed to be controlled and educated.  (Shay's Rebellion was one of the catalysts for forming a stronger central government in the Constitution and is important because it is similar to the Bundy situation and therefore gives us an idea how the Founding Fathers would feel and react to this.) 

Going farther down his page we now start getting into images of minorities and women.  
But that is fine because it is done in a spirit of Christianity.

But then we see our "friend" honoring someone who killed a black youth.  
And just to make sure that we understand where his in on race, he posts this.

But still he wants us to think of him as a "patriot."

Oops, make that an armed patriot.
This gentleman has not taken a visible position on public lands but Skousen was pretty extreme in terms of his views regarding the interpretations of the Enclave Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) and the Property Clause (Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2) of the US Constitution.  And there is nothing on this page or in the various pages of the members that indicates that this movement is about love of country, but a lot of evidence that it is about the extreme and fundamental beliefs of those who hate laws, regulations and people--including their fellow Americans--when they do not comport with their own selfish interests or their religion.

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