Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Malheur Wildlife Refuge Rally in Eugene

By Bob Ferris

It was raining lots in Eugene when the faithful met to show support for the federal wildlife refuge and protest the actions of the misguided few illegally occupying lands owned by all of us!

Lots were there for birds and other wildlife and others were there for other values such as hiking, horseback riding and hunting.

And lots were there because they or their families enjoy public lands and they want to continue to enjoy those lands that they legally own and pay taxes to maintain.

Some too were there because they were upset that the federal government was not doing more to curb public land abuse and lawless ranchers like the Bundys.

Other espoused the need to control these armed terrorists on the refuge and return issues like this to their proper venues in a country of laws.

But all were Americans who felt strongly enough about this to stand out in the pouring rain with smiles on their faces and hope that something will be done to peacefully end this situation and let those who have perpetrated this un-American and un-patriotic act pay their considerable debts to society for the trouble they have caused.

In the end before peacefully returning to lives interrupted by this senseless and unjustified occupation in Burns. Oregon, the crowd joined together not to spout rhetoric or baseless slogans about the US Constitution or slamming big government, but to sing about their joy of being American and celebrating their lands by singing "This Land is Your Land."

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