Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maybe Next Time FOX News Should Try Richard Simmons Instead

By Bob Ferris

Fox News CIA and terrorist expert Wayne Simmons was recently arrested  for committing fraud against the United States.  Not the least of which is padding his resume and claiming that he is former CIA operative.  Fox News defends their frequent use of Simmons by saying that they did not pay him for his appearances.  The Fox response is weak and inadequate and once again reinforces the reason why they say fair and balanced rather than accurate and truthful.

What I really think that Fox News does not get is that while Mr. Simmons’ actions reflect poorly on him, the fact that Fox used him repeatedly reflects also on the network’s ability to tell truth from fiction.  What was the process there?  Who made the decision to put this non-expert on the air and was it just that he was the only huckleberry in the crowd that was saying what Fox wanted to hear and wanted their complacent audience to absorb?  Mr. Simmons’ expertise—if one exists—seems to be telling stories that are not true and he certainly landed where that skill is not only useful but takes seed.

But Fox is not the only victim here.  Mr. Simmons was also a featured speaker at Accuracy in Media’s Benghazi panel in 2013 (see above video screen shot).  AIM is a non-profit dedicated fairness, balance and accuracy in the media.  According to Source Watch funding  for AIM has come from the following sources with many of these being the very oil companies (see bold below) that we discussed in one of my previous pieces called Pirates of the Carbon Era.

Bethlehem Steel - Carthage Foundation - Scaife Foundations - Chevron - Ciba-Geigy - Coors Foundation - Dressor Industries - Exxon - Lawrence Fertig Foundation - Getty Oil - Horizon Oil and Gas - IBM - Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical - F.M. Kirby Foundation - Mobil Foundation - Pepsico - Phillips Petroleum Company - Smith Richardson Charitable Trust  - Texaco Philanthropic Foundation - Union Carbide

I am not going say anything more because this situation and the problems it represents are self-evident.  I hope that we are coming to a time when Americans will suddenly wake up from their intellectual torpor and once again desire facts and truth rather than settling for something else simply because it is entertaining or the graphics are good.

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