Monday, September 7, 2015

Donald Trump’s Little Cabinet of Horrors

By Bob Ferris

Sarah Palin’s recent statement that she would like to be Trump’s Secretary of Energy on CNN got me thinking.  What if Trump went with that?  Who else would he pick?  Once you start to embrace the reality of what we are dealing with it really opens up a world of possibilities.

To understand his possible choices one has to understand his campaign.  Trump is a candidate who panders rather than leads from any particular vision or moral high ground.  A perfect example of this was the audible “white power” comment at one of his rallies in the South.  Rather than stop at that juncture or clarify later his position vis a vis people of color he just passed the moment by leaving those who are attracted to this bigoted banner to embrace his campaign while being able to plausibly deny the sentiment written off as "passion" to those who were offended.

Donald Trump and Ann Coulter
In going through this important thought exercise I found myself starting with the disastrous such as Palin at Energy, Tom Cotton leading the State Department or Ken Ivory (1,2,3) from Utah being put in charge of anything dealing with federal public lands.  In this arena I would also put ideas like attorney and author Ann Coulter as Attorney General, someone like Kathy Jones of Seneca Jones in Oregon being put in charge of the US Forest Service or fiscal genius Sam Brownback leaving Kansas and heading up Treasury (1,2,3).  Here too I would add former Senator and Tea Bag hero Jim DeMint (now at The Heritage Foundation) being dropped in anywhere near the United Nations (1,2,3). All of these are very bad ideas, but all of these folks are deeply involved in the Republican machine and therefore swimming in the “pool.”

Donald Trump and Sylvester Stallone
But then the above undertaking kicks quickly into the ironic and silly.  How about Ted Nugent as director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service or Cliven Bundy (if he were to acknowledge there is a federal government) being appointed Director of the Bureau of Land Management?  How about Sylvester Stallone as Secretary of Defense or Chuck Norris as head of Homeland Security—both of these vocal Republicans have hung out with “the Donald” at some point.

Donald Trump and Chuck Norris
And then we descend into the truly silly with Michelle Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting as Secretary of Labor and Tim Tebow (1,2,3) as United States Trade Representative—because the former certainly knows about labor and the later trades.  Or Jim Bakker who is fully rehabilitated from his prison stay and currently selling "Times of Trouble" food as a likely candidate for Commerce as he appears to be able to create products out of nothing which could be a useful skill in this position.

At some point I just start to spin out of control with Jeff Foxworthy at Education, Ted Cruz supporter and former Marine R. Lee Ermey at Veterans’ Affairs, or any member of the Walton family (Walmart) at the Small Business Administration because it is hard to argue that there is any one family in the US that has done more to change the face of small businesses across the nation.
Next Energy Secretary and Director of Fish and Wildlife Service?
I am sorry if I have offended anyone with this exercise, but it is hard for me to take any of this at all seriously as the whole situation is so absurd and artificial.  Yes Trump is entertaining, but the media is failing in its duty by giving him so much more oxygen than his ideas or character deserve.  Is it really any great mystery that the man who gets most of the press is leading in the polls?
I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form.  It would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it.” Reverend Billy Graham Parade Magazine February 1, 1981
What’s more as we are dealing with massive corrections on Wall Street (1,2,3), a series of devastating natural catastrophes made worse by climate change (1,2,3), and gun violence (1,2,3) that has become epidemic we have at least two candidates jumping to the defense of an insignificant woman who believes that she can expiate her past sins through practicing bigotry in direct and absolute violation of her oath of office. These two candidates and others who might jump onto this silly dogcart of an issue seem bent on turning this nation into a Theocracy which should offend all who understand the founding principles of this great nation.

So let this notion of a Trump cabinet and the associated horrors wash around in your minds for a bit and then realize that it might be more rational than what we would get from those who view Ms. Davis as a heroine and act more like mullahs than men of reason.  Then get to work, because if the media fails us we have to become our own media and if our leaders fail to lead we have to find those with the character and will to do so or this great experiment dies.

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