Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transitions and New Directions

By Bob Ferris

2015 is a momentous year for me.  This year I started my 25th year in non-profit management, observed the 20th anniversary of the Yellowstone and Idaho wolf re-introductions, and celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary.  All three worked together in my decision to shift gears from executive leadership of a particular organization to making myself available to all organizations in a consulting or short term capacity including Cascadia Wildlands.

This decision was also influenced by my desire to spend more time writing and to focus my efforts on programs, campaigns and issues rather than day-to-day operations over the long term.  It also comes from knowing myself and understanding that I am more of sprinter than a long distance actor and therefore my efforts are better employed working on projects, bringing about needed organizational change and making a big splash when one is needed.  And I would also like to spend more time with my wife Carlene as we enter our second decade together.

I will continue to comment on a broad range of topics via blog posts at needed times and I would ask faithful readers and friends to follow what I write on the GREEN DREAMS website that I have co-created with Carlene.  Please share what you think has merit and feel free to re-post (with attribution) if so desired.  And please keep in touch (options below).

All my best,

Bob Ferris

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  1. All the best to you and Carlene. I certainly will be an interested follower and look forward to your blog posts. Any chance we can tempt you to contribute some your expert knowledge to our Coalition in the Northeast? Thank you for all your "green" contributions over the years...