Saturday, October 17, 2009

What is it Going to Take?

Aldo Leopold wrote his seminal work Sand County Almanac in the 1940s. After his death in 1949, his family kept up a lot of his work including keeping track of when migrating critters showed up to the family retreat in Wisconsin known as The Shack. Year after year the animals showed up earlier and left later--clear indications that change was in the wind. Now sixty years later, the fact of that change is looking us square in the eye and challenging us to do something before it is too late. Many of us are taking our hard earned wisdom and experience and applying it in every way possible to bring about needed change, but others are doing just the opposite. It seems remarkable today that I can read a news article this morning about the Cabinet of the Maldives meeting underwater with SCUBA tanks to drive home the real world consequences of climate change and in the afternoon be called a Marxist Socialist Communist Loony by someone upset that I argued for the use of low flow shower heads and energy conservation. Amazing. So where does that leave us? The simple answer is that we continue to do what we have been doing and more. We get our houses in order, literally, by watching our energy use and redesigning all aspects of lives so that we use less and lower our impact. And we reach out to others and share our stories and have fun doing it. So get your house ready for winter; think about giving more of yourself and fewer un-needed gifts this holiday;and invest in relationships rather than stuff.

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